Top quality, and even better design!

The MP Bowling team consists of bowlers who played and who is playing on the very top of the bowling. Our mission is to continually improve our product so we can get top results for all players. It has been proven that the MP Bowling achieves the best results in bowling. We work on quality improvement every day, so we can respond to the demands of our clients. The team of MP Bowling has been collecting many years of experience, and our team has had a leading role in the installation of 7 world championships in the past 11 years.

Machine for mounting skittles

We use FUNK M4002 to set the skittles. The machine that proved to be the most robust and with the greatest power when lifting the skittles. This machine is powered by an electric motor 400V with two speeds of movement. Unlike similar competing products, the FUNK M4002 has the advantage of lowering the skittle on the base, which have a mechanical breakthrough to slow the skittle at a given time.

As for servicing, this linear machine model is one of the most powerful in the market. There is almost nothing to do on them except regular lubrication of moving parts as well as periodic strapping lanes. It’s all a matter of a few minutes every month. Replacement of individual parts is extremely easy and can be carried out without any expert knowledge.


Segment boards

For segment boards we use WNBA permissible HPL plates of 9.10 and 12 mm thick. We can offer our clients a wide range of decorations to ensure their bowels provide the shine they want.

Segmentne ploče

Bowling alleys MP Bowling

Bowling alleys MP Bowling are made of the highest quality materials produced in the EU. Linear twin-bevel machine with an electronically controlled electric motor for ideal and quiet setting of the skittle. Electronics in our bowels is a FOCUS line of electronics that supports Postulka Datentechnik’s product range with the widest range of features as well as the most popular BLUE TOP competition management system. The design itself and its substructure are made of carefully selected high quality materials. The substructure is made of EGGER square blanks 60 x 80 mm, as well as a mild V100 quality board and HPL segment panels of 10 or 12 mm. Also, our miss and ball return channels are made of special PVC profiles exclusively for this purpose. To reduce the undesirable vibration and noise that is common in many bowling alleys, we use the most modern rubber pads which we set at the sub-construction pressure points, to reduce the vibration and noise. These cavities are sub-constructed in critical areas, filled with mineral wool at the height of the construction. The bowling design of the MP Bowling is completely floating and at no time disturbs the construction of your space and we do not do any damage.