Do you know the basic differences between classic bowling and bowling lanes?

Do you know the basic differences between classic bowling and bowling lanes?

Nine-pin bowling is a sport that is primarily played in Europe, where various competitions are held every year. Ten-pin bowling, on the other hand, is mostly played in the United States. There are many differences between these two types of bowling, both in terms of rules and equipment, but also look of the bowling alley.

Classic bowling

The goal of the game is to knock down 9 pins, with a ball that is 16 cm in diameter and weighs from 2818g to 2871g. The ball has no holes for reception, as we have the case in American bowling, which is why the technique of throwing the ball in these two disciplines differs greatly. The bowling alley is 19.5 m long and 1.3 m wide, while the runway is 6.5 m long and 1.7 m wide. The pins are placed with a pinsetter in a rhomboid shape, while the weight of the cone is 1.7 kg. Also, additional space for making a bowling alley is occupied by a cone stand that is 135x75cm, behind which there is a hole for receiving the ball, which is an additional 45-50cm. So the ideal length of track space to build for your bowling alley is 28m, plus the extra space you need for the auditorium


Unlike classic bowling, in bowling there are 10 pins, and weighs of pins varies from 1530g-1640g. The pins are placed with pinsetter in a triangular shape. Pinsetter can be with a rope or with a free fall, while certainly those with a rope, as we mentioned earlier, are much more cost-effective and faster. The balls are produced in different dimensions, from 3 to 7 kg, and have three holes, a finger grip for easier holding. The dimensions of the bowling alley are slightly smaller than the dimensions required for classic bowling. The runway is 4.88m long and 1.05m wide. The dimensions of the track are 18.29m wide and 1.05m long. The cone pedestal, pindeck, takes up a space of 112x106cm, and the hole for receiving the ball at the end of the lane is an additional 106x25cm. If you decide to build a bowling alley, the required space for the length of your tracks would be 25m, plus additional space for the auditorium.

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