MP Bowling Systems

Bowling machine

KF 3000

The KF 3000 is currently one of the most modern pin-mounting systems on the market. Long-lasting development is brought to the nearest possible perfection. Standard errors occurring on other systems are almost completely eradicated here. The KF 3000 has the longest continuous working time. When constructing a system structure, a metric system is used, and screws and most other parts are commercial goods. Therefore, it is not necessary to order each item from the manufacturer.

Return and disposal of balls

Depending on the spatial possibilities or your desires, MP Bowling offers you several solutions for return and disposal of balls: underground and overhead spin recovery. Both have their own advantages. We also have options with accelerator balls or elevators, as well as bow thruster or receiving machine. Our team is here to provide you with an ideal solution for your needs.

Funk ten pin string machine

System with ropes

The bowling pin-rope installation system is characterized by its durability, simplicity and very low maintenance costs. Unlike the Sring Pinsetter-free system, you do not need to have a technician during the work. The only problem that may arise is to mix up the pin. But this problem has been brought to a minimum thanks to the machine’s splinter removal program. It is currently the most cost-effective system for commercial bowling.

You can also combine this system with all existing ball-point models.

What makes us different?

We do our best free consultation on planning your new bowling center. With our own experience we contribute to a better implementation of the project. We work on individual plans according to your space and we can offer you a totally free visual solution for both bowling and interiors. Feel free to contact us with all your questions, we will be happy to answer you.