Why choose Micro bowling?

If you do not have the space necessary for making bowling alleys, we offer you the option of making Micro bowling. Great for hotels, shopping and entertainment centers, bars and many other establishments that want to offer  bowling, but do not have sufficient space. In this way, uniqueness and prominence among the competition is enabled. […]

Bowling track 2

Why choose us?

MP Bowling is a company founded by professional bowlers. The long sports history of winning various world and European competitions has led to the possibility of improving the production of alleys that will enable bowlers to achieve the best results. If you need to create the interior of a bowling center, by hiring MP Bowling, […]

Tips to make your bowling more fun

Although some bowling companies still have a strong audience with sports, competitive bowling, there is a growing number of players who choose fun, relaxing type of bowling. That is why many entertainment centers across Europe decide to include this type of fun in their offer. We give you tips on how to make your bowling […]

Bowling throught history

Do you know which sport is older than the Roman Empire, and even than the first Olympic Games held in 776 BC? Bowling! Anthropologists have discovered hieroglyphs and works of art that indicate a sport similar to modern bowling, 5000 years old.

Do you know the basic differences between classic bowling and bowling lanes?

Nine-pin bowling is a sport that is primarily played in Europe, where various competitions are held every year. Ten-pin bowling, on the other hand, is mostly played in the United States. There are many differences between these two types of bowling, both in terms of rules and equipment, but also look of the bowling alley.

Why Bowling Alley Equipment Speed, Reliability & Ease of Maintenance Are Critical

We are in the midst of a new generation of bowlers. Less concerned with competition and more interested in having a good time with friends and family, the business of bowling is evolving to meet the interests of this type of bowler. Food and beverage are now a major revenue item for bowling alleys, but […]