Why Bowling Alley Equipment Speed, Reliability & Ease of Maintenance Are Critical

We are in the midst of a new generation of bowlers. Less concerned with competition and more interested in having a good time with friends and family, the business of bowling is evolving to meet the interests of this type of bowler. Food and beverage are now a major revenue item for bowling alleys, but […]

Bowling ball track with balls 12

Want to open a bowling alley? Read our tips

If you want to open a bowling alley, we are giving you the basic tips you need to know to give your bowlers a quality and unique experience. The development of quality bowling does not happen overnight. In addition to finding the best equipment, it is necessary to choose a reliable partner. Ideally, you need […]

New bowling alley – Austrija, Kleinwarasdorf

The combination of modern design and technology, which is a recognizable seal of our bowling alleys, has found its place in Austria, Kleinwarasdorf. The diligent workers of MP Bowling once again produced and assembled a bowling alley whose use is a real pleasure. 4 lanes of a beautiful classic bowling alley are equipped with modern […]

Bowling track 2

Beli Manastir, Šećerana – completed four-lanes bowling alley

With special pleasure we can say that the finished new bowling was produced in the MP Bowling plant, this time the new bowling found its home in the multipurpose building Šećerana-Peer center just a few miles from Beli Manastir. It was an exceptional honor and pleasure for us to work, considering that Beli Manastir is […]

mp bowling worker in progress

Beli Manastir – new 4-lanes bowling alley

After the rain, the sun always comes, so it could be said after the situation with the COVID-19 virus. Although we, like everyone, adhered to the adopted measures and took the situation very seriously, by no means was our option to stop or give up, and working to improve our company. Now that life and […]

New bowling Naples (Italy)

We can say with certainty that the 10-lanes bowling alley in Italy is the biggest venture of the MP Bowling team so far. According to the now common practice, it all started in our production plant, where every detail was made to the highest standards of quality, precision and design. Then the transport to Italy […]