Tips to make your bowling more fun

Tips to make your bowling more fun

Although some bowling companies still have a strong audience with sports, competitive bowling, there is a growing number of players who choose fun, relaxing type of bowling. That is why many entertainment centers across Europe decide to include this type of fun in their offer.

We give you tips on how to make your bowling centers more fun and how to attract more visitors, which will definitely bring you more profit.

Lanes that glow in the dark

Many bowlers like to use lanes that glow in the dark to increase the fun of the bowling itself. With UV active lane technology, bowling alleys can offer a unique glow that allows you to experience bowling in the dark. Also, the existence and use of these lanes does not interfere with the standard quality of bowling, but it provides your customers with additional opportunities and increases the excitement of the overall experience.


Bowling bumper is a great way to entertain young bowlers who are new to the sport. The bumpers cover the channels on the track, to allow the ball to stay the same. So it is certain that every shot will knock down the cones, and it is a real fun for the whole family. The bumpers can be easily adjusted depending on the need of the game, which makes the game more dynamic. These bumpers can also be operated electronically from the reception.


Lighting and light show can provide an unforgettable bowling experience. If you are ready to invest in special lighting effects, it will increase the fun and extra energy of each visit. Paired with lane that glow in the dark, you will raise the whole game to a higher level of excitement.


If you want to be different from the competition, you should consider investing in the interior, ie the design of your bowling alley. The pictures on the walls complete the theme of the bowling center, which will leave a “wow” impression on your visitors. These are the final details that will complete the whole atmosphere.


There are many ways to increase the fun experience at your bowling center. You start with a vision that needs to be unique to your bowling alley, as well as finding the right partner to make that vision come true.

Owners of family entertainment centers generally have limited space, but can choose from many of different options to make that space as fun as possible. Also, we warmly recommend hotels and shopping malls to include bowling as part of their offer, as it will allow the whole family to participate in this unique form of entertainment.

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