Want to open a bowling alley? Read our tips

Want to open a bowling alley? Read our tips

If you want to open a bowling alley, we are giving you the basic tips you need to know to give your bowlers a quality and unique experience.


Probably one of the most important choices for your new bowling alley is the pinsetter, which is the foundation for the bowling experience. To contribute the most enjoyable experience to your bowlers, they need to be fast, efficient and reliable. Especially for casual players,pinsetters that don`t work as intended will damage the reputation of your alley. String pinsetters have become increasingly popular because they have limited maintenance costs, do not require a maintenance technician, and offer higher speed cone placement. Again, like everything else, not all pinsetters are the same, and we offer you the most reliable in the industry.

Scoring systems

Many bowling system developers offer a broad rangr of gameplay types. Ofering your bowlers options when it comes to how they bowl makes each game more dynamic, interesting and unique. Your scoring system should be robust enough to provide these options while also delivering a simple to use scoring system interface.

Ball returns

Speed of returning the ball is as much important as speed of pinsetter. When reviewing ball returns, make sure you`re looking for not only speed, but safety and reliability so you can deliver the best bowling experience possible.


Lanes offer some really exciting ways for bowling alleys to differentiate and create a unique environment. They can glow in the dark, you can design overlays and logo printing, so when you are looking for lanes, make sure your supplier offers you these options so you can create that one-of-a-kind ekperience.


Design and aesthetics are crucial to creating a unique ambience of your bowling alley. The atmosphere you want your customers to experience largely depends on the decisions you make when designing. From the interior to the lighting, all the details together will contribute to an unforgettable bowling experience.

Bowling partner

The development of quality bowling does not happen overnight. In addition to finding the best equipment, it is necessary to choose a reliable partner. Ideally, you need to find a partner who, in addition to construction, will service your bowling alley, supply you with the highest quality equipment and provide expert advice. If you have any questions, contact us today, because we can provide you with professional cooperation.

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